Player Guidelines

While we feel that some of this stuff shouldn’t even have to be said, we have come up with a series of general rules of conduct for all Guild Members:

  • Always show respect for other players in the game, whether they are a Guild Member or not. 
  • Do not beg, harass or intimidate other players.
  • Do not discuss any political, religious, race or religion issues in public. Im sure we all have our own views on things, but WoW isn’t the place to air them.
  • We wear our guild name above our heads, respect it and make sure others respect it by being respectable. Never flame, spam, or curse other players in any chat channel.
  • When in groups or dealing with others be polite, don’t demand anything. No one owes you anything. Always be courteous and say "Please" and "Thank you". You can’t imagine how a couple simple words go such a long way to a good reputation.
  • Blizzard has given us the ignore list for a reason, if someone is being abusive or intolerable, do not sink to their level, just ignore them. That’s why you are Lazarus and they are not.
  • When grouping with others, be sure to follow the norm for loot and need/greed rolls. Never need roll on an item that is not for your class, and always keep it fair. Again - our reputation is at stake here.

Guild Conduct

  • No cursing, spamming or flaming will be tolerated on guild chat. Anyone can slip once, but pay attention please and watch your language. Anyone not following these rules will receive a warning, and if it is not corrected will be moved to "Sin Bin" until further decision by officers or GM.
  • We allow selling between guild members, but guild chat is not a trade channel so keep the bargaining and dealing in personal tells. As long as things are kept fair and no problems arise, it will be permitted, but its always better to give a guildie a break when dealing with selling items. 
  • All guildies are equal no matter what the rank, and all should be treated with the same respect as GM or officers.

We are all here to have a good time with our friends and not deprive anyone else the same. Lets keep it that way and treat each other the same way we would like to be treated. 
Anything that hasn’t been clarified here, or any issues that may come up in game, will be directed and solved by the officers in guild.


From time to time, people will approach an officer or GM of the guild in order to complain about one of us. We wish it never happened, and we're glad to say it doesn't happen often, but the reality is that it does happen.

If someone has taken the time out to specially look up one of us to register a complaint, its not good to say the least. Of course, we don’t take for granted what any stranger says, and will always speak to the subject to try and clarify.

But anyone who receives more than one complaint will be considered a "red light" and be dealt with appropriately.