About Lazarus

Lazarus is a full spectrum, english speaking guild created in the begining of May 2007.

In the Burning Crusade expansion, the Wrath of the Lich King expansion and early on in the Cataclysm expandion Lazarus was a casual raiding guild. Due to most of our core raiders being on break or having parted ways, we do not currently do raiding content.

We plan to have fun while playing and force no one to do what they dont want to do. In Lazarus you have the choice of being part of our teams or just a casual player, having the company of mature, helpful guildies who are there to have fun while progressing in the game.

We pride ourselves on maturity, a will to help others and the satisfaction in it, and loyalty to the guild, which has and will become home to many players who are set on upholding a good reputation as the best place to be for any who fit these standards.

The minimum age is 18, with some exceptions at the discretion of the Guild Masters or Officers.