Required Addons

Before you can raid with us, there are a few addons that we require you to have.

Firstly, we ask that you have and know how to use a threat-meter addon, such as Omen.

Secondly, we ask that you have the Deadly Boss Mods addon.

In addition to the addons above, you should also have any addon that you may need to play your class and/or role. For example, healers should have use Healbot or Clique.

Getting the Addons

You should keep these and any other addons that you have installed up to date; we recommend that the Curse Client is useful for this.

If any of these addons are new to you, we ask that you have them up and running before coming to a raid, in order to have some time to get used to them and configure them to your liking.


While it's not specifically a World of Warcraft addon, you will need to have Teamspeak installed so that you can hear the Raid Leader's instructions.