Instance Status

Blackwind Descent HC0/6
The Bastion of Twilight HC0/5
Throne of the Four Winds HC0/2
Blackwind Descent5/6
The Bastion of TwilightCleared
Throne of the Four WindsCleared
Baradin HoldCleared
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It's been a little while...

24th July 2013

It's been... just a little while... since we put some boss kills up, so why not start now?


Pictured: Lazarus. Not pictured: Elegeon, due to his unfortunate demise.

If we do Raids or other guild events, when could you make?

3rd July 2013

Hi everyone

I've started a poll to try and work out which days everyone could make if we want to start raiding again:

You don't need to sign up or register; just put your name there and say when you could potentially make!

It's all been said by so many...

8th June 2011

Dear Guildies

As you probably know, Dailou and I have been inactive for the last 6 months or so.

Let me tell you early on, that whilst the reasons why we suspended playing were outside our control, being away made us both realise we'd simply stopped enjoying playing a long time back. But we carried on for so long because we enjoyed the company of our friends online, and because we felt a sense of obligation.

What makes Lazarus really really special, is the wonderful people who've played together under it's banner. Not just those in it now, but the many fantastic people who've moved on to new guilds, realms, or just out of the game.

As I sit here writing, there's a smile on my face as my mind is flooded with memories of triumphs, wipes, laughter and yes, even the bickering (which family doesn't row?).

Whatever happens to Lazarus as a Guild, we its current and former members, will always carry the memories with us, wherever we end up.

We can be justly proud of what we've achieved, not just in content, but the reputation we have on Bronzebeard. That reputation was earned by all of us, in the manner we conducted ourselves.

So many of you have worked so hard for the Guild in so many different ways. Admin roles, helping out fellow guildies, taking the time to post thoughts & ideas on the forum, etc etc etc.

Thank you all, current and former guildies, for sharing your company and time with us. You've been an important part of our lives for so many years. Happily, many of our online friendships have evolved to real life ones, that will continue independently of WoW.

I don't think I've written a single thing that many of you haven't already expressed in your own (and probably more eloquent) way. So I know that you'll know how we feel.

We count ourselves blessed that we've been able to share your company.
Farewell from Dailou and Gnat!