Apply to join Lazarus

Before applying to our guild the first thing you should do is go ahead and read our Player Guidelines, to see if you can agree and are able and willing to abide by them.

Then you should register in the Forums, and make a new Post introducing yourself in the Application Forum.

In your introductory post you must answer all of the following questions:

  1. Who are you? - Name, where from, age - anything else that may be interesting.
  2. What is your character Name\Class\Level, and what build (spec) do you play?
  3. Why do you play this class, and more specifically, why did you chose to play as this build?
  4. Do you have dualspec? If the answer is yes; what other spec do you play?
  5. Do you have any alts? If the answer is yes; list them here along with their level.
  6. How active are you? What are your usual hours of play, and how do you spend them?
  7. Paste a link to your character from the armory.
  8. What guild are you in or have you been in and why did you leave these guilds?
  9. Have you or are you planning on applying to any other guilds? If so specify which.
  10. Who do you know in Lazarus? If you do not know anyone in Lazarus is there anyone on Bronzebeard that knows you well and would vouch for you?
  11. Have you read our guild rules and guidelines and do you agree with them?
  12. Last, but certainly not least, why do you want to join Lazarus?

You should copy-and-paste the above list, and write your answers below each question.

It is important you answer all these questions with relevant clear answers, our first consideration when recruiting is to know if you can follow simple rules and also express yourself clearly. First impressions count, make them positive!

We thank you for your interest in Lazarus. You are welcome to visit our site and forums and keep updated on our status.