Lazarus Guild Homepage The website of Lazarus, the World of Warcraft Guild It's been a little while... It's been... just a little while... since we put some boss kills up, so why not start now? Pictured: Lazarus. Not pictured: Elegeon, due to his unfortunate demise. 24th July 2013 00:00 If we do Raids or other guild events, when could you make? Hi everyoneI've started a poll to try and work out which days everyone could make if we want to start raiding again: don't need to sign up or register; just... 3rd July 2013 00:00 It's all been said by so many... Dear Guildies As you probably know, Dailou and I have been inactive for the last 6 months or so. Let me tell you early on, that whilst the reasons why we suspended playing were outside our control... 8th June 2011 00:00 Cho'gall has a comfy throne 1st March 2011 00:00