Instance Status

Blackwind Descent HC0/6
The Bastion of Twilight HC0/5
Throne of the Four Winds HC0/2
Blackwind Descent5/6
The Bastion of TwilightCleared
Throne of the Four WindsCleared
Baradin HoldCleared
WoW Guild Rankings


27th February 2011

I bet Al'Akir wishes he had that 30K health now...


By the way, the L is for Lazarus.

Council down

18th February 2011

I did try to come up with a good council joke but... come on... it's hard.

The Council

"The council is no longer in session?" "The council is adjourned?" See, they're all terrible!


26th January 2011


Another one down, grats everyone!

Valiona and Theralion

23rd January 2011

Valiona and Theralion

Lazarus beats Double Dragon.

And not only that, we beat it without using the backwards-jump kick trick on the last level.